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Happy Mother’s Day

Councillor’s Corner - Wednesday May 9th, 2018
Happy Mother’s Day to all the Hornepayne Mom’s! Celebrating Mother’s day is a privilege and an honour because we honour those in our lives that have had a tremendous influence on our lives. So whether your mom is still here or she has past on, let’s take time to remember her. For no matter what the circumstances of your relationship, you are here today because you had or have a mom.
My mother has been tremendous blessing in my life and knows when to say lots to me and when to hold back. Over the time as I have sat on council she has helped me when I am struggling with the stress of it all by cooking me dinner, taking care of the big occasions, like Easter and Christmas. As a part of council, I think all of can attest to the support we get from our families as they encourage us but also sacrifice time to be with us because of our council commitments.
Thank-you mom, for giving me the vourage to stand up for what I believe is right, for being a symbol of strength and resilience in my life but most importantly for always believing that I can do it, even when I am doubting myself.
Too all the moms in our beautiful community, I take it upon myself and say that we at council and the township wish you a wonderful day!
Councillor Cheryl T Fort
There will be a full write up of conference that I attended in Kenora coming next week as a full article and this column is open to all of council as Cheryl T Fort will only contribute in the absence of material.