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Let’s Plan To Succeed

Councillor’s Corner - Wednesday April 25th, 2018
This past Friday I was able to meet Doug Griffins the author of 13 Ways to Kill your Community, although I was out of town on personal business my mind doesn’t venture far from how we can improve our community and how we can make our home the best it can be.
It was Einstein that said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
But how in the world do you do that? How do you change your thinking and develop a better attitude?
After Mr. Griffiths presentation we got a few minutes to meet and chat about encouraging and bringing change to our community. He was insightful and had thoughtful answers to my questions about his book and community building. The most repeated and well used phrase through out the presentation is that change comes down to attitude. If you don’t believe you can change and you will never change.
This is so true in all of life that you must believe that you can succeed to do what you need to do. Any profession that requires discipline, long studying and many years of school requires a belief that you can do it. Along the way to any dream, at times you can be doubtful but we all know that you have to push through that doubt and continue working towards the goal.
In weight loss it is good to make small goals and work through those
small victories and achievements as you work toward the final goal of your optimum weight. When raising children as well you can have small goals in place to build your child’s self confidence and worth, reassuring them that they can achieve what they set their mind too.
So as my role as councillor, it is my place to believe that we can do more for our community and that we can build a community that is truly our own. Do I know what that looks like as a councillor, not exactly, but I sure do know what it feels like; it is a place that when I am driving home or coming in on train from work that with anticipation and excitement I am glad to be back, it is knowing that not only will I get listened too but that I will listen, it is that feeling that I am known and have a place in the world to call my own. Ask yourself what does home mean to you? Have you lost a bit of love for your hometown? What happened? I am thankful for our town and look forward to seeing the beautiful things we will create together.
Councillor Cheryl T Fort
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