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Planning ahead

Councillor’s Corner - January 10th, 2017
We finally had the meeting with Luc Denault this past Sunday. This meeting felt like it was never going to happen, it was rescheduled and cancelled more times than I want to count. The cancellations were for multiple reasons, from weather to illness but we prevailed and had a very productive meeting. We at council spent our full Sunday afternoon in a meeting. Council hired Mr. Denault back in June to review all aspects of our municipality and to help us come up with a good business plan or suggested plans of actions to move forward with our town.
First and foremost, the meeting was worth waiting for. There are so many opportunities for our community and it was refreshing to hear an outside professional believe that as well. It the coming weeks once the final document is accepted at council there will be an executive summary released for the community to read. We are moving forward and all of us at council have been learning new things to and trying to create an atmosphere for change. From all these meetings I would think it safe to say that all of us at council know that things need to be done differently to move forward and really create a positive, healthy and prosperous environment for our community.
One last highlight from our council meeting last Wednesday. We set the Winterfest Dates, that will be coming up the first full week of March. Watch for signs and information for how you can participate.
Cheryl T Fort