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Wrapping up the Year Tonight

Councillor’s Corner – Wednesday December 20, 2017
Today the much-anticipated meeting is happening with Luc Denault at 1pm. A full report on this important meeting will be coming in the new year.
Today we have our regular council meeting as well and we have a few items on the agenda and here is the line up under new business:
Follow-up Discussion on Draft Report by Management Advisor
Preliminary Budget Discussion – Treasurer
Civic Live Web Hosting
Northern Ontario Bioeconomy Strategy – Report on Workshop
InTech Clean Energy Inc. – District Biomass Heating Proposal
Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) Program
Amendment to Recreation Committee Terms of Reference
Insurance Renewal
Hornepayne’s 90th Anniversary
Just a reminder to everyone that the agenda is available at the town hall office and you can also get a copy from online at our website . If there is anything on the agenda that you want clarification about the staff at the township office will be happy to help you. We only move forward with everyone’s momentum and it is tremendously encouraging to council when we can see that Hornepayne citizens care about what is happening and want to know what is going on.
In conversation recently the phrase it was like “the good ole days” came up and immediately my response was that “the best has yet to come for Hornepayne”. Let’s make our ancestors proud, the forefathers of our community and build something that we can all be proud of. We have the people, the knowhow and the capacity in our community to build an amazing place to live in the north.
Enjoy your holidays and take time to spend time with those you love. It has been a tremendous pleasure serving our community this year and I am looking forward to the year to come.
Councillor Cheryl T Fort