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New Council a Year Away

Councillor’s Corner – Wednesday November 29th, 2017
ELECTIONS ARE NEXT YEAR! Yes, I am talking to you! It is a very courageous and brave to run in an election. I have supported some of those who have run in the past elections and admired their strength in something that I believed I could never do. But yet here I am. Why am I starting this conversation now? Because it gives you time to get involved, learn a few new things and to prepare for the upcoming election.
Next year at this time we will have a new council. Who would you like to see run your community? People need encouragement, start this conversation with friends and family, we need to support those that would take this step. Like I have mention earlier this summer I have a few good books about running in an election, the role as a councillor and municipal politics. Anyone is welcome to borrow them and even talk with me.
This past year on council has been tough but very rewarding. It is rewarding when you can see change happening and your ideas being implemented. It has been rewarding when council really works together as a group and gets things done. It has also built my confidence, if you think you can do it, you have the battle won.
So, as we gear up for the month of goodwill and cheer during our socializing and celebrating have a conversation and think that you can do it. If you can run or if there is someone you can support and encourage voice that. The nomination period is from May 1 to July 27, 2018 and this is the time period that people can file nomination papers. The time to start thinking about it is now and prepare yourself to run or support someone running.
One last thought, be kind to those that are serving now. The commitment of time and energy is extensive and some have been serving for seven years. We want current council to be committed and be thinking of running in the next election as well.
Be safe this upcoming holiday season and remember to plan ahead when drinking. Don’t drink and drive. Hopefully I’ll get to see some of you through out the holidays and community events. Always looking and listening for new ways and ideas to improve our town, so talk with me. Cheers!
Cheryl T Fort – Municipal Councillor’s Guide