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Hornepayne Blessed for 30 Years

Councillor’s Corner – Wednesday October 25th, 2017
Today mark’s a special event on the calendar, it is Child Care Worker and Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day. Last year I highlighted our dedicated workers at our own Three Bears Care so this year I would like to take the time to honour another special Early Childhood Educator in our community. It’s especially neat that Laureen Stefanic is celebrating her 30th Anniversary this year of the ‘Center’ being here in town….quite an accomplishment. The “Center” is now known as the Hornepayne Best Start Hub and located within the Hornepayne Elementary School. Our children are the hope for the future and it is with skilled and loving attention that we need to raise them to be the best adults they can be. We are fortunate in our community to have the expertise and attention that we get at the Hub through Laureen. As a young mother, her wisdom and the comforting environment of the hub made parenting a little easier for me and all of my children have fond memories of the time spent with Laureen. Laureen thank you for the awesome contribution that you have made to our community. We are all glad that you are a part of our town and thankful that we have had great support at the hub, it’s not just me but I am sure the following quotes resonate the sentiments of many. Enjoy your day Laureen.
“Laureen is a tremendous asset to our community. My children spent countless fun-filled hours at the “centre”. It was always a place where messes that weren’t allowed at home could be made. Her nurturing and caring attitude towards children is beyond compare.” – Lisa Harasymiw, Teacher
“Laureen is great! I’ve been going to the Hub quite often since I had my son and I went as a child with my mom. She is always singing, playing and doing anything and everything to teach our kids new things.” – Liana Lavigne, Parent
“”To say that Lauren Stafanic has made a great impact in my life, in her many roles as a friend, supervisor, mentor and colleague, is an understatement. I always say that Laureen raised my daughters with me. She is beyond excellent in her field and has set the bar high for the rest of us. Laureen has helped so many families over the years and it has been a pleasure to witness it. Hornepayne was truly blessed the day she moved to town. ” Darnelle Hill, RECE
To all our Early Childhood Educators have an awesome day, you make our community an awesome place to live and raise a family.
Cheryl T Fort
See this article for more information about Laureen.