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Welcome Back

Councillor’s Corner - Wednesday September 13, 2017
Welcome back from Summer Holidays. As we slide back into the routine of things for those of us with children or that are teachers may this new year be full of adventure. Some of us have had to say goodbye to our young adult children as they have ventured off to post secondary school or to jobs outside of the community. Times right now are totally new territory for some families and people. So whatever your season may bring know that you are not alone, some have been there or are in the midst of it with you.
This coming weekend we have the Terry Fox Run and this is a time of Hope. Terry’s Marathon of Hope was an inspirational attempt of this young man to run across Canada for cancer research. Although Terry never finished his journey many of us continue it for him every year raising millions of dollars on his behalf. Terry dreamed of doing something beyond his years and left a legacy that has been motivated thousands of people each year to run or walk in support of his dream. I hope to see you this Sunday as we walk together. A big shout out to Amanada Drury and the dedicated team of volunteers that do a wonderful job of organizing this event for Hornepayne.
Next week is going to be full for us at council. We have a Regular Council meeting on September 20 at 6pm and we have the Facilitation Meeting with Luc Denault on the 21st. The facilitation meeting with Mr. Denault was attempted twice over the summer but due to unforeseen circumstances got cancelled in both instances. So hopefully without any further delay we at council and staff are looking forward to getting this meeting under our belt so that we can move forward with next steps. The process some times is long but as long as we are always moving forward.
On a last note, you can still email me at with questions or comments for the time being but in the next coming week I will be changing over to my new township email address. I will give you all the details in my next article.
Sincerely and glad to be back,
Cheryl T Fort