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Volunteer Firefighters are Invaluable

Councillor’s Corner - Wednesday July 12th, 2017
Hornepayne Fire Department has been a long-standing group of people dedicated to the safety and well being of our community. Council has approved a few shifts in the Department over the past several months and it would appropriate to highlight them. We accepted with regret the Fire Chief resignation of Mr. Dennis Mackie late last year. Mr. Mackie has been our Fire Chief for over a decade and it was hard to see him stepping down. Thank-you Dennis for your commitment to our community and our safety. Mr. Miles Wallingford was appointed the role of Fire Chief earlier this spring and we welcome him to his new position. Mr. Wallingford has been an active part of the Department for several years and we are thankful for his enthusiasm and grateful that he stepped up to this new role. We wish him the very best as Fire Chief and look forward to working with him. There has also been a change in the Deputy Fire Chief position as well and it was with regret that we accepted the resignation of Mr. John Couture. Mr. Couture your service has not gone unnoticed and we thank-you. Mr. Marian Kozlowski has stepped into the position and was appointed to his new role as Deputy Fire Chief at last council meeting. We thank Mr. Kozlowski for taking the new role as well and wish him the very best. Steeping up and steeping down from leadership roles are very difficult things to do. We give our heart, time and commitment to organizations that our dear to our hearts and it is hard to make the choice to step down and pass the baton to the next leader. Our Fire Department in our community is one of our lifelines, the people who have served and continue to serve all of us at council express our sincerest gratitude. To become part of the legacy of our Fire Department inquire at the Township Office for more information.
On a final note, we welcome seven summer students to the staff and they have all started their new positions. There is one Seniors’ Activities/Cultural Coordinator awarded to Samantha Kettle, one Canada 150 Assistant awarded to Brooklyn Doiron, and five General Labourers awarded to Nicolas Drew, Silas Hoffman, Sawyer Stewart, Nicolas Swereda and Nathan Swereda.
Enjoy the summer sun. Remember to be safe and plan ahead.
Cheryl T Fort