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Congrats to all our graduates!

Councillor’s Corner - July 4th, 2018
Congratulations to all the graduates and you can be proud of your accomplishments. This week is a big week for our community. We congratulate those that have graduated from our elementary schools and high school. Both are big achievements and are a turning point for our young people. To start high school, college, university or going into the workforce are big steps in life and it is with my sincerest desire that no matter what you choose you: do it well and take it day by day.
Last week at council we are making things happen. The council has moved forward on a number of issues. There will be hydro available at the pavilion area in the coming days. Council passed a resolution to accept the final strategic plan document. This is available for anyone to view. Council passed a resolution back in January to apply for an Economic Development Officer and this application was submitted last week. We have entered an agreement with our neighbouring community of Wawa to have Building Inspection Services. Please watch for more information that should be released soon about what you need for renovations or additions to your property. Be sure to get informed and get a building permit if required.
The Township was successful in their application to NOHFC’s Northern Ontario Internship Program and we would like to congratulate and welcome Ms. Rebecca Olakpa to our team. Rebecca will be filling the position of Special Projects Assistant for the term of one year and will work out of the Municipal Office.
It has been a very busy month and I am looking forward to a bit of a break for the summer as council meets only once a month for July and August. Have safe and fun summer holidays.
Cheryl T Fort