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Emergency Preparedness

Councillor’s Corner - Wednesday June 21, 2017
Last Wednesday day afternoon I participated in the Community Control Group (CCG) Training Exercise to keep our Emergency Response up to date and relevant. The CCG is a group of key players that make decision during an emergency situation within our community or that affects our community. During the training Mr. Jeff Edwards from Phoenix Emergency Management Logic walked us through our new Emergency Management Plan. The new plan is user friendly and should aid the CCG well in the event of an emergency. Council will table the final plan at the next council meeting with any changes from this training /exercise. The Township staff will definitely be better equipped with this new plan to handle an emergency situation.
The Canadian Red Cross was also present and did really informative PowerPoint presentation on Disaster Preparedness and Personal Disaster Assistance Program. Jenni McDonald from the Canadian Red Cross Sault Ste. Marie and District Branch did an excellent presentation. Jenni talked about the importance of being ready to survive on your own for 72 hours following a disaster. Disasters can happen any time, anywhere. You and your family can be ready by following three simple steps: know the risks, make a plan, and get a kit.
1. Know your risks: What disaster are likely for your community. Disasters can include floods, power outages, forest fires, tornadoes and many more. Think about it, be ready.
2. Make a plan: An emergency plan will help you and your family know what to do in the event of a disaster or emergency and it only takes 20 minutes. Here are some things to think about: Best ways to evacuate your house, in case of a fire; location of your emergency kit and water supply; meeting place for your family to meet; out of town contact person; don’t forget a plan for your pets. An emergency plan should be practiced frequently to be really effective.
3. Get a Kit: make your own or buy a start kit from the Red Cross. A kit should be a sturdy backpack, easy to carry bag. Have water, 4 litres per person per day, 72 hours worth of non-perishable food, a flashlight, candles, matches, extra keys for house and car, cash in small bills, medications, copies of important family document.
Please go to for a thorough plan to get yourself ready.
The Canadian Red Cross is also looking for Personal Disaster Responders for our community. The Red Cross provides all the training and information. The Red Cross is a worldwide organization that has a proven track record for disaster assistance. Having a Personal Disaster Response Team in our community would be beneficial. A team consists of 5 responders and one supervisor. Please contact Jenni McDonald at (705) 759 4547 or for more information. Also watch for posters in our community or call the township office for more information.
Be safe this summer and take time to prepare,
Cheryl Fort