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Meeting Items

Councillor’s Corner - Wednesday June 14th, 2017
First things first: In May 31 column a correction needs to be made to one sentence to reflect the correct percentage. “Last year’s “Council Expenses” overage is the equivalent of 0.51% (not 1%) of the tax increase you endured in 2016.” My sincerest apologies for any confusion.
At the meeting last Wednesday night, I inquired about our abandoned buildings and that we have money set aside in our budget. There is $9,000 in the budget to go toward this effort and it definitely needs to be an action item, first and foremost for safety, but also for appearance and to get properties ready for resale. A brief discussion was had surrounding the history of our abandon buildings and my hope is we can start taking some down, even one. This issue has been looked at in the past at so a lot of groundwork has been covered.
We also discussed a motion that would bring electricity to the Pavilion. This motion raised several questions for me and it was deferred to our next meeting. Some issues that came to mine immediately was a plan for the ongoing payments of hydro? What is our long-range plan for this area? Being fairly new to council I am interested to hear the history of discussions concerning this issue when it is tabled again next week.
The last topic I would like to highlight is the recording of our meetings either by audio or visual. Councillor Stefanic brought this issue to council back in February and he is investigating what other communities have implemented. There was a brief discussion and I am excited for this in our community, it is a good idea and I support it.
Cheryl T Fort