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Curling Club Deputation

Councillor’s Corner - Wednesday March 22, 2017
Well as promised in last weeks’ article I would like to highlight the other deputation at the last council meeting. The Curling Club gave the second deputation, presented by Judy Mann and Tiffany Latoski. Since being on council I can definitely empathise with the struggle that the Club has had in keeping its facility open. The ladies presented a well-developed plan, offering different avenues that could enhance the arena and curling club facility as a whole. The club presented a plan of regaining possession of the clubroom area and the relocation of the Weight Training Facility. The club also had gone so far as to offer different rental arrangements and did costs projections that could relieve some town expense. It was a very proactive and informed presentation. I would like to personally thank Judy and Tiffany for taking the time to put together their deputation and also to everyone who supports the curling club, through playing, cheering and volunteering. It takes everyone to make the club successful. The club was pleasantly informed that town council had given staff direction to look at cost projections and timelines to move the Weight Training Facility into the old Northern Store area at a council meeting previous. Although everything is preliminary right now, there is some progress being made. That being said it is obvious that we all seem to be on the same page. The moving of the weight training facility is a step in the right direction but ultimately isn’t the final solution. We still have much work to do in our community but hey Rome wasn’t built in a day. On a final note, this quote was on the Curling Club’s written presentation it’s completely fitting:
‘Community is much more than belonging to something; it’s about doing something together that makes belonging matter. – Brian Solis
Happy Curling this weekend,
Cheryl Fort