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Deputations: Greenhouse & Curling Club

Councillor’s Corner - Wednesday March 15, 2017
Hopefully everyone enjoyed Winterfest and a big thank-you to all the volunteers and organizations that work together for this long-standing tradition. It was with regret that I missed this year’s festivities as they coincided with my vacation, with which I am spending learning French. To switch gears, I am still marvelling over our last council meeting when we had two deputations. The first deputation was a 12-Month Greenhouse Proposal by Mr. Scott Bond. Scott’s object is to create a permanent structure for the purpose of growing vegetables, herbs, and fruit (if possible) for 12 months a year, giving us access to locally grown produce year-round. Scott was seeking support of the project from the township, in which he succeeded. Scott’s presentation was informative, well organized and refreshing. The grow local and buy local is a trend that has been starting to grow in popularity over the past many years. There are many community, health and economic benefits to growing, harvesting and enjoying locally grown food. It is with anticipation that I await to see this project come to fruition. Scott is well on his way to getting the right supports in place and I wish him the best in this endeavour. Next week in Councillor’s Corner I will highlight the second deputation that was present by Mrs. Judy Mann and Ms. Tiffany Latoski about the proactive measures the Curling Club is taking to not only to keep the Club up and running but by thinking outside the box and looking at new ways to enhance our facilities and activities. Well everyone, until next week.
Cheryl Fort