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Love is a verb.

Councillor’s Corner - Wednesday February 15, 2017
Happy Belated Valentine’s Day! Of course, sharing about love and all it’s variety is a topic that I could not pass by. What does love got to do with community and being a councillor? First, let’s start with a definition of love that we can work from. Love, although it can be a tremendous feeling that arouses both spirit and emotion, is an action. Love in action creates change. This small understanding of love can open wide the door of change in our community. It is this type of understanding that we as people can walk in another’s shoes and that we can try to see the world through their eyes. Community love in action is all around Hornepayne; in the people who coach our kids, the people who deliver meals, the people who say thank-you, the smiles we receive at the grocery store, the laughter in the playground and the people who live and call Hornepayne home. Love in action is not spreading the hurtful things that we some times hear. Love in action is doing what you say you will do.
Love in action is treating people like you would want to be treated.
Tonight, is council meeting night, you are encouraged to attend and always welcome. Hopefully I’ll see you tonight and if not, you can approach me about council topics by email. As I am always thinking ahead, next year is election year and for those of you wanting to run, start coming to council meetings; it’s a great way to learn and see council in action. Running for the election is a great way to put love in action for our community.
Working for you,
Cheryl Fort