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ProNorth Outfitters/Kirkmick Lodge Highlighted at Nord-Aski AGM

Councillor’s Corner - Wednesday January 25, 2017
Wow, first of all hasn’t the weather been just crazy warm. I need to keep reminding myself it is not spring, it’s January! Last Thursday night it was plus 2 on the drive home from Hearst. I had attended Nord-Aski R.E.D.C.’s Annual General Meeting. Nord-Aski is a Community Futures Development Corporation(CFDC) that assists northern and rural communities to strengthen and diversify their economies by creating new jobs and maintaining existing employment levels. The meeting was special because our very own Tina Parkman presented a well organized and interesting presentation with PowerPoint featuring her tourist business, ProNorth Outfitters/Kirkmick Lodge. Tina purchased ProNorth along with her husband, Bill Malott, back in July 2015. Tina showcased the tremendous amount of work and effort that they have both invested into their business so far. The upgrades, repairs and new builds highlighted the effort and time that running a business takes. Tina is hopeful for the upcoming year as they have steadily been increasing their clientele. I applaud Tina and Bill for their courage to pursue their dreams and go for it. Congratulations! For people interested in starting or buying an existing business, Nord-Aski has resources, knowledge and materials to help you. It is my hope over they next few years that we do see new businesses and that we see existing businesses continue to flourish. Thank-you to those that have had the courage to open and run a business in our community. Thank-you for making our community better and providing much needed services to our town.
Cheryl Fort