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May your Heart be Merry

Councillor’s Corner - Wednesday December 14, 2016
Whether you are ready or not, Christmas always comes and arrives at the very same time. Rush, hurried and fanatic or we can choose to be peaceful, slow and calm. Take time at Christmas to appreciate what you have and be thankful for your loved ones. Hug a little longer and laugh a little louder, it’s good to celebrate and embrace joy. Although Christmas is advertised as the most joyous time, some can experience a very lonely time, especially for those that have just recently lost loved ones, the void created from their absence is just empty. Sometimes we are far away from our loved ones and Christmas can feel meaningless. For those of you that are feeling a blue, know: ‘this too shall pass’ and better Christmas’ are ahead. Embrace the memories of your loved ones, remember their laughter, and the sparkle in their eye, even if it makes you cry. Think about how your loved ones would want you to enjoy the holidays and to have a good wholesome belly laugh. We are human and part of our experience is sometime sadness creeps in when we least expect it, BUT that is okay. This Christmas, whether you are busting out in song, rolling over in laughter or curled up having a heartful cry, know that others out in our community share your song, your joy and your tears; we have all at one time or another experienced the depth of emotion that makes us human; you are not alone. So, with a carol in my heart, it is my hope that you have a good Christmas, one filled with real emotion and heartful joy. May your heart be merry.
Cheryl Fort