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Safe Holidays

Councillor’s Corner - Wednesday December 7, 2016
Well as we gear up for the holiday season my heart is concerned for you. Let’s prepare and plan for a safe holiday season. I have comprised a list of the Twelve Safety Tips of Christmas, to spark your thinking about keeping your loved ones safe this holiday season.
1. Fresh trees need water. Water your tree, keep it hydrated.
2. Turn your tree lights off when you are not at home and at night.
3. Be sure your tree is stable. Use a suitable stand and be sure it is secured properly.
4. Be sure to check toys. Are there choking hazards?
5. Be proactive for little visitors, check you house for choking hazards and get down to their height level to really see potential hazards.
6. When using extension cords be sure to use right ones for right purpose and gauge.
7. Make sure cords are not tripping hazard.
8. Be sure to refrigerate leftovers within two hours and to reheat leftovers properly.
9. Slow down. Especially driving in winter road conditions, take extra precautions.
10. Be prepared for winter road breakdown. Carry a blanket, bottled water, a lighter and candle for starters…add other things you may need.
11. Don’t put real lit candles in your Christmas tree and always blow out candles before you leave and bed.
12. Plan ahead when out socializing. Be a designated driver, grab a cab or dress warmly and walk. Arrive Alive, Don’t Drink and Drive.
As I said these are just to get you thinking and preparing for a safe holiday season.
Thinking about you,
Cheryl Fort