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Tis the Season to Shop Local

Councillor’s Corner - Wednesday November 30, 2016
‘Tis the Season to Shop Local!’ We are on the brink of December; the time we remember our loved ones, celebrate our faith, sit on Santa’s knee and empty our wallets. Shopping local is a good commitment to make for our community; it enhances services, provides employment, creates growth and builds community. When we shop local, we put our money to work for us all. Local businesses usually bank locally, advertise locally, and create distribution chains for the products we want. Advertising alone supports our local paper, our curling club, our arena and all the events that are held throughout the year; July 1st, the Santa Claus Christmas Party and Winterfest would not be as successful without the generous donations of local business. Shopping locally provides places that people can socialize and meet up with others to share burdens and joys. Shop local is a continent-wide movement that needs to be embraced. If we don’t support our local businesses, we make it hard for them to provide services and to grow. Every Christmas shopping season I start my shopping right here in town first and buy everything that I can here. Yes, there are things that I buy out of town and I do shop elsewhere but only after I have checked here first. Our business community needs our support, it’s more than just spending money, it is making a choice for the better of everyone and using our hard-earned cash to build a prosperous community.
Happy Shopping,
Cheryl Fort