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Lest We Forget

Councillor’s Corner - Wednesday November 16, 2016
I got sentimental thinking about Remembrance Day and was inspired to share a poem from the heart:
In comfort and cozy warmth of flannel,Sipping warm chamomile lemon tea,Enjoying and relaxing, taking time for me,Breathing in the evening chill.Recalling when the children prepared for bed,Giggling, burping, whispering, tickling,Pure Joy.Hope for the future,For many generations to come,Squealing of children,joys of parenthood,love we have and give,burial of old friends,The very life we all live.Thank-you.Thank-you to those who serve,who have served, who have died,for all you have sacrificed, that,that we may live, that we may laugh, that we may cry and that we may grow old and die.Lest We Forget
Forever grateful,
Councillor Cheryl Fort