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Councillor’s Corner - Wednesday November 2, 2016
Wow, where did October go! I look back over my calendar and am amazed at all the stuff I’ve learned and got to be a part of. I would like to highlight a few in particular. I was able to meet with women at the Snack and Yak hosted by the Chadwick Home’s Transitional Support Worker, Sherry Giroux. It was a tasty lunch and I hope to go to the next one tomorrow. During this lunch, I connected with Judy Barrette of Community Living Algoma and we got chatting about senior issues within our community. That little discussion has blossomed into a tremendous learning experience for me; we have since met twice. During the second meeting, Judy invited Carol MacEachern and Ginette Bucknell as well. I learned about the Sunshine Club and some issues seniors face. This meeting has been a valuable experience. I can see this being the beginning of a good working relationship to better our community for our seniors. Secondly, I got to meet Bailey Briscoe, the Assistant Coordinator at the Hornepayne Action Centre and she detailed the different services that the center can provide. The Grand Opening is tomorrow and would give you the opportunity to meet Bailey and also Taylor Paul, the Action Centre Coordinator, hopefully I’ll see some of you there. Lastly, I have also spent some time learning about the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) and met with Amber Boissoneau, NWMO’s Project Coordinator. Amber was informative and very helpful, I left our little meeting armed with reading material. I followed up that meeting by attending the Nuclear Waste Community Liaison Committee (NWCLC) Meeting on October 25th which included a presentation on the different aspects of the Repository, Centre of Expertise and Associated Facilities. I still have lots to learn regarding the Repository and I encourage citizens to learn about nuclear waste, the Repository and the NWMO. We make the best decisions when we are knowledgeable and informed. This is a glimpse of things I’ve been up to, looking forward to November and the challenges that it will bring, I’ve tucked my purple ribbon away and am exchanging it for a poppy.
At work for you,
Cheryl Fort