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Happy Thanksgiving

Councillor’s Corner - Wednesday October 12, 2016
Councillor’s Corner – Wednesday October 12, 2016
Hopefully everyone enjoyed some family time this past weekend and celebrated Thanksgiving together.
It’s been just over a month since receiving this seat and it has been exhausting but rewarding. With three council meetings under my belt so far it finally seems that I am getting into the swing of things. In this past month listening to people’s concerns and thoughts has been a truly gratifying experience. The first month has not taken the wind of out of my sails. Yay!!! Although, when you look into the future it can appear bleak let’s challenge ourselves to take a different perspective. Challenges create resilience and character so let’s take the challenges head on and work at building a healthy, growing community.
As mentioned in the last week’s column we are going to have public meetings and work towards preparing the Strategic Plan for our town. The importance of getting involved and letting your voice be heard can not be stressed enough. This is your community let’s build it together.
So send me your questions and get answers at Have a great week.