Councillor’s Corner is Back

Councillor’s Corner - Wednesday October 5, 2016
During our last council meeting, the council discussed our column, this column. Council agrees that this is a good avenue for keeping the public informed and decided to bring the column back. I am hoping to run the column a bit differently than in the past. It is my hoped that you, community members, will ask questions and we can get the answers. So email me your questions and I will get answers for you. All the questions will be answer personally and some we can publish in the paper.
So our first question, is one of my own: What do you want Hornepayne?
Really think about it. What do you think would be the one thing that would make our community better as a whole? What would be something that if we had it in our community you would never want to move away? What is that one thing that makes living here awesome? In the future what would you like Hornepayne to look like, to feel like and to be? Dreaming about the future is okay. Let your imagination go and have some fun. The time is now to think of these things and to plan for them. We are currently working on a Strategic Plan for our community and this is the time that you can let your voice be heard. There will be public meetings for people to get voice concerns, thoughts and wants. We can’t undo the past but we can create a better future by learning from the past. If you have any questions about the Strategic Plan, or anything in this column please contact me I want to hear from you.
“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” Benjamin Franklin
So sent me your thoughts and questions at