Councillor’s Corner

Cheryl is committed to being accountable, transparent and open. As promised, 

a new column called ‘The Mayor’s Message’ is where Cheryl will write bi-monthly 

articles after council meetings. 

Summer Agenda – Learning


Welcome Summer!!! What’s on your agenda for the summer? I’m going to spend most of my summer camping, fishing and reading about municipal politics. I thought I...

Congrats to all our graduates!


Congratulations to all the graduates and you can be proud of your accomplishments. This week is a big week for our community. We congratulate those that have...

Emergency Preparedness


Last Wednesday day afternoon I participated in the Community Control Group (CCG) Training Exercise to keep our Emergency Response up to date and relevant. The CCG is...

Meeting Items


First things first: In May 31 column a correction needs to be made to one sentence to reflect the correct percentage. “Last year’s “Council Expenses” overage is...

Running for an Election?


Last Thursday a group of women met at the Hornepayne Action Centre to listen to a panel of speakers from the Thunder Bay area on the mechanics...

Moving Along, Sunshine Ahead!


Well thank-you to everyone who stopped by at Public Awareness Day last Friday. Special thanks to Laureeen Stefanic and all her assistants for organizing this event, really...

MPAC Presentation


At the council meeting on April 19th Mr. Jeremy Cormier, Account Manager of the District of Algoma, from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) gave a PowerPoint...

Budget Update


BUDGET UPDATE: we have had two budget meetings to work through this year’s budget. We first met on March 27 and our second meeting on April 12....

Canada 150 Owl Prowl


The Canada 150 Committee has met twice now and have organized or are partnering with an event for every month for the rest of the year. Our...

Moving Along


Wow can you believe it’s April already! Come one summer. Sooo looking forward to some swimming and fishing in the warm summer sun. I wanted to clarify...

French and Ojibway


Well it’s all back to work, vacation is over. This past month while I was on my vacation time I made my first attempt at learning French....
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