Councillor’s Corner

Cheryl is committed to being accountable, transparent and open. As promised, 

a new column called ‘The Mayor’s Message’ is where Cheryl will write bi-monthly 

articles after council meetings. 

Celebraton Time!


Celebration time is here! What a wonderful week we had in our community.
I was able to attend the Grade 8 and Grade 12 graduation ceremonies...

Escaping an Echo Chamber


“In news media, echo chamber is a metaphorical description of a situation in which beliefs are amplified or reinforced by communication and repetition inside a closed system....

Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Hornepayne Mom’s! Celebrating Mother’s day is a privilege and an honour because we honour those in our lives that have had...

General Update


Hello Hornepayners, finally some nice weather and sunshine. Hopefully it lasts and helps us get into a better mood and forgot about how long and cold this...

Let’s Plan To Succeed


This past Friday I was able to meet Doug Griffins the author of 13 Ways to Kill your Community, although I was out of town on personal...

Get informed and ask questions


Hello Hornepayners. Well spring is in the air. I was out for my first jog of the season, right on April Fool’s Day, and that’s no joke!

Got a few dollars!


Just a quick few tidbits to report:
· Hornepayne will receive just over $36,000 for downtown improvements.

Planning ahead


We finally had the meeting with Luc Denault this past Sunday. This meeting felt like it was never going to happen, it was rescheduled and cancelled more...

It’s an election year!


Happy New Year Hornepayne!
So yes, it was very disappointing that the Luc Denault meeting got cancelled again back in December. At the last...

Wrapping up the Year Tonight


Today the much-anticipated meeting is happening with Luc Denault at 1pm. A full report on this important meeting will be coming in the new year.

Still a few meetings to go


Wow where did 2017 go! We have one council meeting left for the year and one special meeting. The long-anticipated meeting with Luc Denault will take place...

Meetings & Schedule Conflicts


Christmas season is upon but we are busy as ever at Council. We have two meetings today, our regular council meeting and a special meeting with Luc...
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