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Deputations CT Scan & Snowmobile Club

Councillor’s Corner - Wednesday March 21st, 2018
At our last council meeting on March 7th, 2018 we had the pleasure of two deputations, one from the Notre-Dame Hospital of Hearst and the second from our local Snowmobile Club.
The first deputation was about the fundraising campaign that is moving forward to try and bring a CT Scanner to the Hearst Hospital. During the deputation we were informed of the benefits of quick access to a CT Scan and the how vital the information is to quality patient care. In 2017, 94% of Hornepayne Community Hospital Nurse Escorted Transfers were for CT Scans. The average time for transfers was approximately 11 hours. Having the CT Scanner in Hearst could lessen the transfer time drastically and the living-changing medication if required could be administered within a few hours. The overall presentation convinced council that this is a vital piece of equipment for our area. The council agreed to donate $10,000 to the project and agreed to revisit another amount during budget talks. To bring the CT Scanner to the north 1.7 million dollars needs to be raised. The group also indicated that an account will be established at the Northern Credit Union for donations to be made there as well. Thank-you to everyone who donates.
During the question period I had asked: Would northern patients get priority for a scan or would over flow from bigger centers be utilizing the scanner as well? I was reassured that the catchment area of the CT Scanner would have priority for scans. The catchment area would include Hornepayne, Hearst, Geraldton Long Lake 58, Longlac, Mattice Val-Cote and people surrounding those area.
There is also an implementation plan to ensure enough qualified individuals are on staff for the CT Scanner and that they are available to man the scanner.
Moving on to the second deputation: The Snowmobile Club is exploring avenues to bring club expenses to a more feasible long-term plan. The Club proposed to enter into an agreement with the Township whereby the Club would transfer ownership of the facility and all associated property in exchange for the Township providing space for the club operations on a long-term basis. The presentation was quite extensive and very well done. Council has decided to look further into this in an upcoming meeting to brainstorm ideas and see what space requirements we have and what the new space could be used for.
Is my hope that if you have ideas on this space and what it can be used for that you could email me at and I will definitely bring different ideas to the table. That’s all for now and our next meeting is April 4th at 6pm in Council Chambers and as always you are welcome to attend.
Councillor Cheryl Fort