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Got a few dollars!

Councillor’s Corner - Wednesday February 14th 2018
Just a quick few tidbits to report:
· Hornepayne will receive just over $36,000 for downtown improvements.
· Hornepayne was successful in acquiring the grant for the accessibility door and ramp for the arena to the tune of just over $14,000.
· We have a few upcoming committee meetings: 90th Anniversary Committee, Cemetery Board and Waste Management Committee this month.
· We are going paperless at council. Should save on time, money and inconvenience for both staff and council members. We are currently looking through the options and weighing which models would be best.
· This is an election year and packages will be available at the Township Office if you are thinking of running or encouraging someone to run.
Since being on council the one thing I have learned is that I could not do it without those that support me daily. Those people that encourage me, lift me up in pray and walk with me when I feel like I am losing my mind. Being in public life is not a walk in the park, but it is rewarding and worth the effort. We need people to be courageous enough to forge change. I believe that the best has yet to come for Hornepayne, let’s not live in the past but build a future that our ancestors would be proud of.
Councillor Cheryl Fort