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Still a few meetings to go

Councillor’s Corner – Wednesday December 13, 2017
Wow where did 2017 go! We have one council meeting left for the year and one special meeting. The long-anticipated meeting with Luc Denault will take place next week on Wednesday December 20 at 1pm. It will be a busy day with the special meeting and then the regular council meeting that night.
Looking back over the year there are a few things I would like to highlight.
· Public participation and attendance at meetings is imperative to community success. We need your presence at meetings, we need to hear your thoughts and make sure your council is listening. Thank-you to everyone who speaks with me and lets me know their thoughts. Thank-you to all the citizens that have taken time to participate in council meetings.
· We are still working at securing an Economic Development Officer. I have not let that drop or forgotten about it. It is my hope that we will continue through with the application process once we decide on a definitive council direction after our meeting with Luc Denault.
· I would like to say thank-you for allowing me the opportunity to go to Toronto on your behalf in March to the Ontario Good Roads Conference. It was an amazing learning experience for me and his conference emphasized the importance of good leadership and how we as council have tremendous power to do good for our community. It was beneficial for me to learn strategies to make progress and to learn how to find the right information to create positive community development.
· If there is anything that has stood out for me this year, it is that the North is a land of opportunity. There are many exciting things happening all around us and that we can position ourselves to be a key community in helping North Ontario grow.
· We need to be thankful that the mill has reopened, and that CN recalled most of it’s workforce. The pain and struggle of layoff is not something anyone wants to endure. May 2018 be a year of prosperity and continued growth.
Final thought, it has been a tremendous blessing to me to represent our community. I look forward to the year ahead with the new struggles, challenges, and opportunities it will bring. Have a great holiday season and cheers to a new year!
Best wishes for you and your family,
Cheryl T Fort