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Meetings & Schedule Conflicts

Councillor’s Corner – Wednesday December 6, 2017
Christmas season is upon but we are busy as ever at Council. We have two meetings today, our regular council meeting and a special meeting with Luc Denault.
It is with anticipation that we meet with Mr. Denault to hear the suggestions that he has for moving forward in our community. Mr. Denault met with all of the council and staff for one on one meetings earlier this summer and discussed our views on the issues and opportunities in our community. We then had a closed meeting of council where we further developed our ideas together. It is my hope that we will get a better picture of our community looking through the eyes of an experienced outsider.
Tonight, at council we have a few different items on the agenda including: council expenses, northern store furnace, and Christmas party. As always you are welcome to attend.
Coming up in the community we have some Christmas events happening and I hope to see your smiling faces out and about. The Christmas Tree lighting is this upcoming Sunday and also this Sunday the Canada 150 Committee is hosting a skate day and snowman competition up at the arena. We are gearing up for the upcoming Christmas Party with Santa and also the Christmas School Concerts. As the holiday season is upon remember to be safe. Don’t drink and drive and plan ahead. Take care to dress warm and be prepared during winter conditions.
Wishing you only the best for this holiday seasons and that you get plenty of time to spend with those you cherish most.
Cheryl T Fort
NOTE: Due to scheduling conflicts and other issues the special meeting with Mr. Luc Denault has been rescheduled for December 20th, 2017 at 1pm. You can check back here for an update.