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13 Ways to Kill Your Community

Councillor’s Corner – Wednesday November 8, 2017
So last week I spoke about Doug Griffiths book “13 Ways to Kill Your Community”, which I have now had the time to look over and start reading. This book is pretty incredible and describes things that have happened in our community and things that are happening now. The most interesting and intriguing thing about this book is that Doug gives a road map to get communities back on track to growing and being prosperous.
The book is broken down into 13 chapters. I will be providing a small summary of each on my Facebook page as complete each chapter. Further investigation into these 13 areas is essential for communities that want to be vibrant, healthy, and strong. This book encompasses what I would like to see for our community (moms, dads, children, grandparents, sons, daughters, all families, singles, all citizens) living and working together so that we have place that makes us all feel at home.
These are the 13 ways you can most certainly kill your community:
  • 1. Forget the Water
  • 2. Don’t Attract Business
  • 3. Don’t Engage Youth
  • 4. Deceive Yourself
  • 5. Shop Elsewhere
  • 6. Don’t Paint
  • 7. Don’t Cooperate
  • 8. Live in the Past
  • 9. Shut Out Your Seniors
  • 10. Reject Every Thing New
  • 11. Ignore Outsiders
  • 12. Grow Complacent
  • 13. Don’t Take Responsibility
Doug Griffiths book is worth reading and he is worth watching on YouTube. If you have ever wonder what does Cheryl Fort really think, it is what is in this book. We (the entire community) really must believe that we can change in order to change. We must really believe that we can make our community better. If you have heard yourself say or have thought it will always be the same or it will never get better, then I challenge you to ask yourself why you think or say these things? Why do you believe what you believe? The big question to add to that: Is what you believe beneficial to yourself and to your family and to your community?
YES, change is possible: when we all start looking at the same map, right side up, discussing the route we are to take together, to get to the destination that we have all agreed upon.
Email me at or text me at 807 228 2113 or message on my Facebook page, I usually respond within a few days and your concerns or ideas are worth sharing and I am listening.
Cheryl T Fort