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Moving Along, Sunshine Ahead!

Councillor’s Corner - Wednesday May 25th, 2017
Well thank-you to everyone who stopped by at Public Awareness Day last Friday. Special thanks to Laureeen Stefanic and all her assistants for organizing this event, really a great day for our community. Looking forward to seeing people at the Canada 150 Celebration events through out the year. It is shaping up to be a fun year for our community. People are getting back to work, houses are selling and the sun in shining. Fishing is open! Good food and times ahead!
There are several items on the agenda but most importantly is the town budget and it may get passed tonight. Why is it important that people come and observe council meetings? What is the benefit? It is important because the decisions we make directly affect your life and your available disposable income. It is the best way to be informed of the stuff going on in the Township. It gives you a better understanding of where your tax dollars are spent. Attending creates more accountability and transparency causing councillors to put faces to our decisions. If you are interested in running for council attending meetings can prepare you and give you an understanding of the process of getting things done. Next year is an election year and learning the budget process would be some good experience to have. Of course, you will have next year’s budget process to glean from as well.
My final note is that I launched a Councillor Facebook page last week and thank-you to everyone who has checked it out. I have uploaded all of my articles that have been published under the Councillor’s Corner. I will publish the full articles on Monday following the release in the Jackfish Journal. My hope is to use the Facebook page to bring pictures and videos in a timely fashion of the events that I am involved with on your behalf within the Township and out of town. The Councillor’s Corner will still be a main stay for me but there is so much more I’d like to share. Having a local newspaper is important and beneficial to our community – you can contact Ginger Latoski to get a subscription. My paper is delivered to my mailbox, I love it.
Cheryl T Fort