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Winter Seasons End

Councillor’s Corner - Wednesday December 21, 2016
Today is officially the first day of winter, the shortest day of the year. This day marks a turning point and a hope that spring will come again. Although we can’t see a real difference right away there is nonetheless a difference. Each day there will be a little more sunlight, the days will get longer. It’s a seemingly slow process but it will start to happen tomorrow. Sometimes in life and in communities we weather winter seasons; things seem dead or dying and nothing is growing or moving. In a winter season, everything comes to a halt, there is very little we can do but wait for the thaw. This past year has definitely been a winter season for our community. Last year at this time families and workers were in the brunt of the mill layoffs and closure. New hires on CN were going into three months of being laid off, the hope of their new found secure jobs being swiped from them. Hence the winter season started full swing. The days seemed dark, the future bleak and full of uncertainty. We are just starting to see the days getting longer in this winter season for our community. The mill was sold and is going to reopen, marking a sunny winter day. We are moving toward spring. CN called some people back to work and others were able to transfer departments, another brighter day. The Hornepayne Action Centre opened and helping individuals explore their options and giving support, extending hope. Let’s say goodbye to 2016 and our winter season, with anticipation and expectation we wait for spring to bloom full. My hope, for all us, in the next season is that we have secure jobs, warm comfortable homes and good food on the table, looking forward to the new year.
Cheryl Fort