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Shaping our Future

Councillor’s Corner - Wednesday October 26, 2016
Shaping our Future…this year marks the 16th annual Child Care Worker & Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day, which is today, October 26th, 2016. Today we recognize the hard work, meaningful care and continuous learning these educators provide children every day. This year’s theme ‘SHAPING OUR FUTURE’ is in recognition of the essential role that educators play in the lives of our youngest learners. The Township of Hornepayne would like to recognize and honour the workers in our community and thank-you for the effort and care that you put forth in helping our young citizens grow and learn. You are a valuable and vital part of our community. This year I choose to highlight the Three Bears Daycare. The Daycare has been an integral part of our community for many years providing quality childcare. A sincere thanks go out to Debbie Smith, Sam Seccareccia, Jessica Smith, Amily St. Louis, Brianna Irving, Donna Brown, Kayla Brown, Nikki Cosby, Michelle Falardeau, Louise Legresley, Bonnie Moylan and the Daycare board members, as a team they provide a healthy, clean and safe, learning environment for our children. Although I’ve highlighted the daycare this year, that does not lessen the appreciation for all of our Child Care Workers and Early Childhood Educators in Hornepayne, THANK-YOU.
“Children are not a distraction from more important work, they are the most important work.” CS Lewis
Cheryl Fort